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Meet The Guys at EditorialPR
Editorial Team

Meet The Team

Our award winning editorial team

“My Focus is straight ROI for my clients.“

Engagement Lead


To get true return on investment from content you need engagement and thats my speciality.

“Technology and Gadgets inspire me and in turn my readers.“

Web Researcher


I thrive on finding the right matches for my clients

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.“

Tech Content


I have a passion for all things tech. The more cutting edge the better!

“Location, location Location, I get your content where it needs to be.“

Placement Specialist


Getting your content in front of the right audience is key to its success. I ensure that happens for our clients.

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Our Process

Our product gives clients the ability to target specific audiences on a campaign basis as well as building long term brand presence.

01. The Brief

The key to any content marketing and outreach campaign is the initial brief. As with most things the devil is in the detail and we ensure we have all the bases covered from the outset to help guarantee success.

02. Content Creation

We work with both client and publisher to ensure we produce content that engages the publishers audience. We look at demographic data and site metrics to ensure our content gets the job done!

03. KPI

We track the success of our campaigns looking at traffic trends and analytics to illustrate the return on investment to our customer.