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Transport Your Reader

At Editorial PR we know that the internet has shrunk the world – not just virtually but also physically – because more and more people are travelling than ever before. Is your travel business making the most of the myriad opportunities this presents?

Are you on board?

Where’s your travel business in all this flurry of activity? Our travel writers love to keep tabs on the latest trends as well as to convert their many personal global travel tales into eloquent and informative articles. Carefully researched captivating and stimulating material on your website or blog is what attracts travellers to your business.
maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without function.


In today’s travel marketplace it’s important to grow your website traffic not get stuck in it. Great content will help you to do this and enhance your brand to positive effect all round. Get in touch for help with relevant and innovative PR and writing services and make your business become indispensable to your customers.

Use the Data

Analysts have noted that in global terms Europe accounted for more than half of all international arrivals in 2014. Chinese outbound tourists are spending more than any other nation. There has been slower growth in the UK and Germany in terms of inbound tourism, while international visitors have flocked to the US, Spain, Mexico and Turkey.

Be Creative

Creative flair means our writers can capture the imagination of your customers and encourage them to book their next holiday. We can deliver all the information they need through guides, reviews, information pages on your website or special features.
Find a way

The Art
of Conversion

Whether you are looking to sell rooms, seats or experiences our content will inspire the readers and in turn drive sales conversions.

Expert Travel Writers

Writers who have travelled the world. Not just rewriting someone elses opinion!


We ensure our travel content is accurate at the time of writing. In a fast moving environment like travel this is essential for a good reader experience.