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Technology has come to be one of those umbrella words that have developed a multitude of meanings. Perhaps this is because it straddles a number of industries, including engineering, applied sciences and computing as well as gaming and web design, broadcasting, film and audio/video, to name a few. Online tech content is much the same and at Editorial PR we like to match our expert tech writers with your particular niche market. That’s how we deliver the best, most engaging material to meet your PR needs.



To strengthen your online presence at a time when the growth and spread of the web means everyone is out there competing for readers you need fresh, original and informative tech articles, blog posts, social media streams and website content that you won’t find anywhere else.



We find that tech commentators in all fields love to read stimulating, thought provoking content so they can agree, argue or offer alternative opinions. Fact based material mingles with more discursive topics in this field, depending on which branch of tech is under the spotlight.



The devil is in the detail. With the additional research our tech team contributes to our articles and graphics production on your behalf, you’ll find that every new topic or new idea you contribute soon means you can position yourself as a trailblazer in your tech sector.



Informal, immediate and as quickly forgotten, it takes a special kind of touch to hold attention online. Your business needs web users to hit ‘like’, ‘share’ and positively ‘comment’ Editorial PR helps you unleash cross-media information without cross-media.


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80% of the webs consumer tech traffic is digested through blogs and news stories. We get you in the right places.

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