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Great things are done by a series of small things.

Ecommerce Content

Among the interesting trends to emerge recently has been the fact that most consumers research online before they buy. It seems that comments from other customers also play a major role in purchasing decisions, so that retailers need to pay attention to how they deal with customer complaints as well as to how they present product descriptions.

Even those customers who want to visit a shop to view or try a product will often have researched online first. This means an online presence is essential for today’s smart retail businesses. Here at Editorial PR we have expert skills to help your busy organisation gear up for today’s marketplace.



In house retail industry knowledge means our team of writers know what’s useful to customers when it comes to product descriptions and buyers’ guides. They also know what’s useful to sellers and can meld both requirements into flawless prose that enhances your sales techniques and offers customers best value.


Set Your Stall

If you think of the things your customers need to know before making a purchase they generally come down to the specifications, price, quality, aesthetics and reliability of what they want to buy. For larger businesses they may also need to know where local branches are so they can easily source products. This is as true for a designer suit as it is for a washing machine.



In the same way, blog posts and social media streams offer a customer friendly opportunity for retailers to interact with consumers, if handled correctly. Retailers who keep their communications friendly, factual and courteous are more likely to win new and repeat sales as well as blowing away the competition.


Make The Sale

With all the right information at their fingertips your customers will take pride in making an informed choice about their purchase. Editorial PR will ensure you are positioned to make all the right persuasive arguments. Get in touch today to tell us how we can help.

Attention To Detail

This is
Your Window

Ideally you should make sure your online information includes technical details, materials, style information and product guarantees as well as a good photo. At Editorial PR we can convert this information into any and all of:

Buying Guides

Help the user make the right buying choice.

Product descriptions

Beautiful Product descriptions that inspire.